February 8th, 2006

A Pocket Full of Murder

My Home Town?

I've always wondered about this, and recently it's come up again, so I've decided to poll my readers and find out what they think.

When you talk about your "home town", do you mean:

  • The place you were born?
  • The place you spent your early childhood?
  • The place you lived in the longest?
  • The place you felt most comfortable in, or proud of living there?
  • The place you are currently living?

    I ask because I sincerely have no idea what my home town is.

    It can't be the place I was born, because that was in another country, I was only three months old when we left, and I have no memory of that place at all.

    I spent my early childhood in two different cities, one of which I don't remember that much about, the second of which I hated.

    The place I lived the longest, for nine years during my teens, was one of the places where I was the happiest -- but in another year, it will no longer be the place I have lived the longest.

    I can't decide whether I was happiest living in or most proud of the place I mentioned above, or the place I'm living now.

    And somehow it seems odd to refer to my current residence as "my home town" when I didn't move there until I was in my mid-twenties.

    Do I even have a home town? What do you think?