February 6th, 2006

A Pocket Full of Murder

Snow Day

This has been a really odd winter. We had a white Christmas, but just barely. In late January we had two weeks of above-freezing temperatures, sunshine, and exposed grass that was turning decidedly green.

Now all of a sudden the cold has come back, our back yard is a rippling sea of white, and I can't even go grocery shopping because of all the blowing snow. I've just had a call from our bank saying that they couldn't open today because the roads were so bad not enough employees could make it in. I suppose school's been cancelled, too -- though it wasn't a school day for my oldest anyway, so I didn't check if the buses were running or not.

The house is quiet. The baby, who has a bit of a cough, is sleeping in his crib. My middle son, with his usual placidity and surprising patience for a three-year-old, is cutting out bits of paper and sticking them together with tape. He says he's making me a kite: I can only suppose that he, too, is thinking wistfully of spring.

My oldest son has just come in from outside, sniffling and shivering with the cold. I'm going to make him some hot cocoa.
A Pocket Full of Murder

I really have no excuse for this

...except that Paul is now five months old, so last month's icon had to be retired, and when I looked through the newer pictures I came across a certain shot and realized that it just had to be done.

ETA: I don't have any excuse for this either, but as a Lost fan and a child of the MTV generation, all I can say is HEE!!! Thanks to risti for the link.