January 19th, 2006

A Pocket Full of Murder

LOST: "The Hunting Party"

I shall begin with a very short and spoiler-free review, consisting solely of the words I actually said out loud after the screen went black:

"Holy cow."

"Holy... cow."



Considering that major developments on LOST are usually greated with a low whistle or occasionally a Hurley-style "Whoa," you can imagine that this one kind of blew my mind. It wasn't that Jack's final line came completely out of left field or anything -- in a way we've known it was coming for ages -- but just... hearing him say it was quite... something.

Collapse )

However, Sun and Jin and Hurley were, as usual, a balm to the soul. And Locke, who so often gratifies me by being so sane and sensible when it comes to little things, even if he is a bit wacky about about some of the bigger ones... not to mention Collapse ). Hee!

Is it next week yet?