December 30th, 2005

A Pocket Full of Murder

Fic Quote Meme!

Nicked from an old entry of doyle_sb4's:

A -- go to the list of my fic (on the sidebar of my LJ's front page) and pick out a line or two from one of my stories. (Must be a full line, please -- no sentence fragments or speech tags or other such nonsense.)
B -- I will respond with which story of mine I think it's from.
C -- House Points and a drabble to anyone who stumps me.

I should warn you, mind, that the drabbles are all likely to suck, being written without so much as a moment's reflection, and probably typed with one hand while NAK*, like most things I type these days. But anyway...

*Nursing At Keyboard, for those who don't hang out on parenting communities.
A Pocket Full of Murder

Oh, and I AM AN IDIOT.

Heartfelt belated birthday wishes to melissa_tlc! Because it's not like it wasn't THREE DAYS AGO, and as though I didn't have it written IN RED on the CALENDAR that is HANGING IN MY FRONT HALL or anything. *headdesk*

I hope your day was super, Mellie.