October 24th, 2005

A Pocket Full of Murder

As expected...

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The result's true enough, though actually the "and others" part doesn't so much apply. I enjoy challenging myself (in some areas, anyway -- in others I'm lazy as a pet coon) and organizing things for myself, yes; but I really don't enjoy setting standards of achievement for or trying to organize other people. It's one of the main reasons I've never wanted to be a schoolteacher, in spite of a host of other personality traits that would ordinarily make me a shoo-in for the job...
A Pocket Full of Murder


Well, the thrush has started coming back. However, I believe I have figured out one of the reasons for that.

Short version: Gentian violet, as it turns out, has a shelf life of 24 months. My bottle of GV, which was left over from Simon's birth, is about 38 months old.

Gee, I wonder why it didn't work?

*smacks self*

Always nice to know you've been staining yourself and your baby purple for nothing.