September 30th, 2005

A Pocket Full of Murder

Alias 5x01

Okay, I know I've been complaining since midway through S2 that I didn't really care that much for or about Vaughn after he stopped being a CIA desk jockey and turned into Super!SpyKen. I thought his character worked much better when Sydney was the brawn and he was the brains, so to speak, and I disliked the apparent lack of continuity with the Vaughn who seemed so out of his depth and shaken by having to kill someone in "The Box".

After S3 it got even worse, as I found that I couldn't really identify with Vaughn or relate to him the way I once had -- the whole Sydney's-dead-so-I'll-marry-Lauren thing, so rushed and poorly explained, just put me off. Plus, by then I'd decided Syd/Weiss would be so much cooler and generally healthier than Syd/Vaughn. I didn't watch much of S4, but none of the plot developments seemed likely to restore my interest in or sympathy with Vaughn's character -- it seemed to me that the more mysterious and dangerous and complex the writers tried to make him, the less truly human and interesting he became.

All that being said, however...

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Anyway, good episode.