August 26th, 2005

A Pocket Full of Murder

Nesting, Nesting, 1-2-3

Had a reasonably decent night's sleep (all things considered), and awoke this morning determined to keep myself busy today so that I wouldn't have time to mope about. Besides, I've observed that if the kids can see me going back and forth doing obvious household chores, they tend to do their own thing and leave me to it, whereas if they see me merely reading or resting or sitting at the computer, they can't understand why on earth I am not devoting myself to their entertainment right this instant. (Not that I usually do go out of my way to amuse them, since they already know where all the toys and games and craft supplies are and I'm personally of the mind that kids need to learn to make their own fun, but hope springs eternal, I guess.)

Anyway, so far today I have:
  • emptied and refilled the dishwasher
  • swept and mopped all the hardwood in the kitchen and dining room (some areas twice, thanks to the kids making birthday cards for Daddy and leaving bits of paper everywhere)
  • vacuumed the house (some areas twice, thanks to Simon chewing up a bright pink eraser and spitting the crumbs all over the dark grey bedroom carpet)
  • brought the swinging bassinet up from the crawlspace and set it up in our bedroom
  • washed, dried, folded and put away four loads of laundry
  • stripped and remade two beds
  • collected all the homebirth/immediate postpartum supplies and put them in one handy location

    and on the whole, I feel pretty good about all I've accomplished. I could pack a bag for the hospital in case of emergency, I suppose, but I think I'll leave that until I'm actually in labour... whenever that is.

    It's my husband's birthday today (silly me, I was convinced it was tomorrow -- took my mother to set me straight) so I think I will suggest to him that we go out for a nice dinner together and leave the kids with grandma. It may be the last chance we get to have a nice relaxed date before I'm tied down with a hungry baby again.

    Perspective. Must keep things in perspective.
  • A Pocket Full of Murder

    Hippo birdie two ewes

    Happy birthday, hedda62! I would have wished you a fine day earlier, but I'd been thoroughly convinced that the 26th was tomorrow, and since my husband is curmudgeonly about his birthday and doesn't like to be fussed over, he certainly didn't go out of his way to set me straight...

    Anyway, all the best for a successful upcoming year.