August 13th, 2005

A Pocket Full of Murder

Back to Sleep

I'll post something about our week at camp soon, but in the meantime I just had to share this quote from All & Sundry, a blog which Lori kindly pointed me to a few weeks back and which has been amusing me off and on ever since. The writer is 34 weeks pregnant and deliciously irreverent about it:
In many ways, we are ready for Riley's grand entrance. The drawers of his dresser/changing table are filled with tiny, adorable outfits, washed in baby detergent and carefully folded. The crib is outfitted with sheets and bereft of any soft item of any kind, in keeping with the latest available SIDS information ("Put your baby on large metal tray for sleeping. Do not allow your baby to become comfortable. If possible, poke baby with a sharp stick every five to six minutes during naptime.").
BWAH!!! So true, about the SIDS thing. I diligently put Nicholas on his back to sleep all through his infancy, because HEAVEN FORBID HE SHOULD EVER ROLL OVER ONTO HIS TUMMY OR HE WOULD IMMEDIATELY DIE, and he slept like crap (not to put too fine a point on it) and everyone was miserable. With Simon, however, I went through about a week of misery and then said, "heck with it," and put him on his tummy. Whereupon he slept much better, just like so many perfectly healthy kids in the 60's and 70's (including myself, I believe) before medical wisdom discovered that babies DIE ON THEIR BACKS OMG.

Which is not to discourage anyone who is truly anxious about protecting their babies from SIDS using any and every means possible -- none of us wants our children to die. Just that, as was wisely pointed out to me when I was wrestling over what to do with Simon and whether I would be a Really Bad Mommy if I let him sleep on his stomach, the available literature on the subject is a wee bit hysterical at times, and the fact is we still really don't know what causes crib death anyway.

I kind of like the idea of putting a bumper in front of the crib bars to keep my kid from bashing his head against them, myself -- but we'll see.
A Pocket Full of Murder

So help me...

I may have drifted out of active Kalan Porter fandom, but nearly a year after 219 Days came out I still find "Single" massively groovy and am not tired of it yet. Yeah, I know, blah blah stupid lyrics whatever. It's still catchy, IMO.

A few other songs which I am not tired of yet, in spite of the fact that I have heard them approximately 1,000,000 times and I know a lot of other people who can't stand them:

  • "True" by Spandau Ballet (not that I actively seek this one out or anything, but I never cringe when it comes on the radio)
  • "One Thing Leads To Another" by The Fixx
  • "Promises, Promises" by Naked Eyes
  • "Is There Something I Should Know?" by Duran Duran

    We all have our weaknesses.