July 14th, 2005

A Pocket Full of Murder

*giggles helplessly*

Oh, man, I thought the Conan Doyle HBP parody I linked to last night was brilliant, but the William Carlos Williams had me in fits. "Beardy"? Hee!

You can find the current list of Guardian HP pastiches here. Apparently they're updating all week.
A Pocket Full of Murder

Beware: Woman Nesting

Apparently some women go through this phase in late pregnancy where they bustle about obsessively tidying this and painting that and generally getting things all just-so-perfect before the new baby comes. I can honestly say that I have never felt that kind of primal urge. I have never decorated a nursery in my life, apart from the simple basics of making sure that there is a room somewhere in the house with some sort of crib or cradle-like thing in which the baby can sleep.

However, what does happen to me in the third trimester is that I become guiltily conscious that if I don't stop putting off certain household tasks and get them done right now, they aren't going to get done for months or possibly years. Things like, say... cleaning the oven (though I have a self-cleaning one now, hoorah, so my most hated chore has become a thing of the past). Or polishing our dining room furniture (which was manufactured some time in the 1920's and is badly in need of being stripped and refinished, but there's no way that's going to happen, so rubbing it down with some homemade olive oil and orange juice polish is the best I can do right now).

So, with Nicholas away at day camp this week, it seemed like a good time to try and tackle some of these neglected chores, along with my weekly tasks and any other emergency cleanups that might arise along the way. I won't bore you with the list of everything I've done since Tuesday, but I'm making progress (including the tedious polishing job aforementioned) and feeling pretty good about it. What I don't relish is all the bending and lifting involved in moving boxes and bags of baby stuff from the downstairs crawlspace into the upstairs spare room, and putting all the stuff currently filling up the spare room closet (camping gear, suitcases and the like) into the crawlspace. I think I might be asking for a bit of help with that part.

Oh, and the windows need cleaning. On the outside. Since this task requires a stepladder for every single window, I don't think I'll be doing that one myself either...
A Pocket Full of Murder

For the Record...

I am going to lj-cut the following remarks because they involve an idea I thought of two days ago and have been entertaining in my mind off and on ever since, and even though I have still yet to see or read any of the purported HBP "spoilers", this idea of mine seems awfully like something that might be one of them. So, just in case it is a spoiler, don't click on the following if you want to remain unspoiled, but...

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Oh, and if anybody tries to post real spoilers or what they have been led to believe are real spoilers in the comments: please don't. Like I said, this is an idea of my own, not something I want to see confirmed or denied by anything outside the text of HBP itself. Thank you.