July 6th, 2005

A Pocket Full of Murder

Recs Time!

'Cos there be some good reading (and viewing) out there at the moment...

penwiper26 has started a post-Locked Rooms (i.e. spoilery) Holmes/Russell/Jossverse fic which is absolutely wonderful, not least because the narration actually sounds like Russell, and Holmes is altogether Himself. I can also attest that the fic works even if, like me, you know hardly anything about the Jossverse, and find vampires in general tedious. (I should also mention, while I'm on the subject, that jblum and kateorman's Eighth Doctor BBC novel Vampire Science is dead brilliant and does a lovely job of skewering all those silly Anne Rice-type notions about vampires being Teh Sexx0rs. If you chance to come across a copy, grab it.)

And speaking of Doctor Who, doyle_sb4 has made a hilarious fanvid to Weird Al Yankovic's "Your Horoscope For Today", with the most splendid comedic timing. Spoilers for all New Who episodes.

Veering out of fannish territory for the moment, I am addicted to A Standard Christian, a novel being published in blog form, with new chapters on a daily basis. It's real and uncompromising and populated with well-drawn characters, and far from the sanitized, tediously preachy drek that typically passes for "Christian fiction". The heroine's struggles and doubts, and her discoveries about life in the real world after attending a wacked-out fundamentalist Bible college, are fairly and honestly handled, and the author avoids the usual pitfall of making all the professing Christian characters virtuous (or villainous) and all the non-Christian characters villainous (or virtuous). In short, it's a lot like real life. And today's installment made me cry.

Finally, am on the lookout for really good House gen or (non-smutty) hetfic. Recs welcomed.
A Pocket Full of Murder

Sometimes, there just are no words.

Summary found during my ongoing quest for Housefic:
This is the story where House and Cameron got caught making out in his office after Camerons "You just couldn't love me speech" in Honeymoon. Then Houses mom came for a visit, oh and Cameron got hit by a car too. I hope thats enough to jog your memory.
*sound of head hitting desk repeatedly*
A Pocket Full of Murder

The Shortest Beta-Reading Assignment Evar

GIP! Finally, a House icon.

Now, can somebody tell me if they can read the text? I never can be sure how clear it is, because of course I already know what it says...

ETA: Okay, have played with text and background. Any better now?
ETA2: And again, now sharpened and in PNG format! Is it clearer or am I delusional?