May 21st, 2005

A Pocket Full of Murder


Between this week's episodes of Alias and Lost, I need a new monitor, or possibly a new brain. Even when All Is Not As It Seems (is it ever?) and the rest of the season has been such that I couldn't even bother tuning in, I have to say that Collapse ).

Also, GIP! Because my Lost OTP have actually met each other at last, exchanged a few words, and even appeared in the same frame, so now I can go into the summer hiatus happy.

Dear Locke and Danielle: You are, liek, so meant 2 B. So pls get together and have lots of crazy babies real soon now, kthxbai.

Sad fan? Who, me?
A Pocket Full of Murder


I really, really ought not to get involved in LJ community squabbles when my throat is horribly sore and I feel like all kinds of crud. I keep being tempted to give thoughtful, intelligent answers like "Yeah? Well, eat my shorts, bucko." Which is not exactly helpful, even if the starter of the thread is an obnoxious troll.

I have to play piano at church tomorrow, too. Aha! Watch me spread my plague and contagion all over this nice ivory keyboard! (Er, note to self: wash hands extra-thoroughly before and after.)

*drinks another litre or so of cold water and slopes off in search of another packet of Halls*
A Pocket Full of Murder

Doctor Who: "The Empty Child"

Whoa. Now THAT is some fabulous script. Great, snappy dialogue, superb performances (especially by Eccleston), gorgeous filming, and on the whole I have to say this is definitely the most impressive episode of Who I've seen so far. Maybe all the night scenes helped, but this was the first ep I could easily see being blown up to full theatre size and still looking really, really good.

Except -- wah! -- I have to go to bed alone now. And I'm as likely as not to hear one of my sons cry "mummy!" in the middle of the night, at which point I will die of a heart attack and there will be no one to raise my children.

Ah, who am I kidding? My throat hurts so badly I won't be able to sleep anyway. :-P