May 7th, 2005

A Pocket Full of Murder

Calloo callay!

Semagic has suddenly taken it upon myself to remind me of birthdays for a change -- how useful! -- so best wishes of the day to jblum, always one of my favorite Doctor Who writers and an all-around charming fellow. As it happens, you share a birthday with my oldest brother, so that will be easy for me to remember in future.

And to all the other people whose birthdays I have missed recently by virtue of using Semagic instead of the LJ Portal, please accept my apologies and belated congratulations. Congratulations also to lydaclunas and rose_in_shadow, both of whom will be graduating from university soon.

Now, for the big news...


The really major edits, anyway. In response to the editor's recommendations and some excellent critical feedback from first-round betas yahtzee63 and shoebox2, I've rewritten large chunks of the text, rearranged others, and added about 15,000 words to the story in total.

Now I'm throwing it out to the second-round betas (the ones who've read the book in earlier drafts) in hopes of catching and fixing any remaining gaffes. But comments from folks like cesario and rose_in_shadow, who are reading the re-edited version as their first experience of the book, have been on the whole quite positive, so it seems unlikely that the next round of changes will take very long. All of which means that I should be able to send the ms. out by no later than the end of May, Lord willing -- the thought of which makes me very happy.

I shall end with what has to be one of my favorite reviews of Knife ever, from cesario's comments on Chapter Sixteen:
It's more than a love story with wings now, it's like creepy conspiracy spy thriller anarchist stuff. It's the bomb.
This pleased me enormously, which probably says something about my deep inner weirdness, but as Eeyore would say, there it is.