April 30th, 2005

A Pocket Full of Murder

Wholess in the USA? Grieve No More!

Thanks to pbristow, who tipped me off to this...

The BBC are streaming all four of their channels, live. That means that if you happen to be sitting at your computer at, say, 2 p.m. EST this afternoon and would like to watch the Best Episode of Doctor Who Ever (or so everybody who's seen it keeps saying, anyway), you can check out the links provided in this post.

I thought it would be all choppy and poor quality like pretty much every other streaming real-time video I've seen, but it's crystal-clear. Am ever so impressed. If you don't have RealPlayer you can download the program from the BBC's own site, and apparently the download they offer is less invasive and persnickety than the usual version (though I've never really had a lot of problems with RealPlayer myself -- it's Windows Media Player I want to smash with a mallet).

Of course, the rotten thing is that this bounty does me no good personally, as my kids are wide awake then (and I don't think they're old enough to handle Who), plus we have to leave around 2:30 to get to my niece's birthday party. So I hope someone on my flist can get some good out of the link... just DON'T SPOIL ME, okay?
A Pocket Full of Murder

Fandom Status Report

It has occurred to me that a few of my flist may be a bit shellshocked by all the Doctor Who raving all of a sudden, and are wondering whether I've completely lost my mind and will ever talk about anything else. To which the answer is:


Erm, actually that's not quite true. Just expect the DW stuff to be dominant for quite some time to come, because I have loved this show since I was a kid, it was one of the first fandoms I ever wrote fic for (and probably the one in which I've written the most fic, word-count wise -- don't even get me started on the illustrations!), and as you know I'm loving the new series all to pieces.

However, for those of you who couldn't care less about the Who prattle, and are wondering if I will ever get back to the Good Stuff, a brief explanation of where I'm at with regard to my other fandoms:

HP: Waiting for Book VI, like everybody else. Don't feel like speculating any more, even about Snape, until I have the straight goods from JKR Herself.

Alias: Keeping vague tabs on plot goings-on by reading other people's LJs, as am not actually watching the show at present. Understandably somewhat discouraged in my Sweiss leanings at the moment, so not so inclined to write a sequel/second chapter to A Man of His Word the way I'd once thought I might. You never know, though, things could change. Especially if You-Know-Who shows up later in the season as promised (no, not Voldemort).

Lost: Love the show. Have great fun speculating about it. Have developed elaborate theory about the island that I keep meaning to expound upon some day, but haven't got around to it yet. Absolutely no desire to write fic, however. I find the show itself too satisfying, and I'm too interested in the answers that the writers and JJ have to offer, to maintain that feeling of "ooh, I simply must fill in this gap!" that usually inspires plot bunnies.

Sherlock Holmes: Read Locked Rooms and loved it. Looking forward to reading other people's reviews. Still running the RUSS-L list, mostly by approving new members and glancing at the day's digests to make sure nobody is killing each other. Of course, nobody ever is, so it's a pretty low-stress job being ListMom. When was the last time you heard of a mailing list that has run busily for ten years and has hundreds of members, with not one single flamewar in the entire course of its history? This is why I love my Bees. *blows kisses to the Bees* Oh, and I haven't forgot about Case of the Winning Woman, it just requires more research than I have time to do at the moment. (Plus, where does one even start to find out about the terms of Victorian life insurance policies?)

Star Trek: Never again. No, really. I can't see it happening. I just don't care any more.

X-Files: On the other hand, never say never. I still get nostalgic for Mulder and Scully from time to time...

Oops, and almost forgot, which shows where my brain is at:

Kalan Porter: Felt that the Time Had Come to move on. Resigned my quasi-moderatorial status at KP4GU, and my real moderatorial status over at the Red Hot Topic KP board. Occasionally poke my nose in to one board or another to see if there's any really big news, but otherwise, that's about it. Wish him well, though.
A Pocket Full of Murder

In Spite Of It All

Oh, looky! Right after I tell you I've drifted away from the fandom, I see that Kalan's new video* is out! So here it is (WMV, 6 meg) for those interested. Don't ever say I don't do you no favours.

It's a pretty cool video, better than last time I think -- pity I still don't like the song. And if they changed it any from the CD version (which they supposedly did, going back into the studio to re-record the vocal tracks and instrumentation and everything), I can't really tell the difference. Oh, well.

Next album, please!

*Thanks to Toque for the bootiful rip.