April 25th, 2005

A Pocket Full of Murder

Well, I'm back.

Had a great weekend, will maybe blog about it when I get the chance. But of course the first thing I did as soon as I had a spare moment was sit down and watch Collapse )

In regard to the preview for next week's episode, all I can say is O_O. Especially this trailer (right-click and save, please!). Everybody else is hyperventilating about Collapse ), but personally I'm pumped about the prospect of finally, actually being scared by a Collapse ) for the first time in my life! I've never really understood what was supposed to be so scary about them, but I do think that this episode might change my mind.

Also, for those who've been watching the show, I heartily recommend a number of gems from taraljc's journal: first, this very fine and well-reasoned essay; and second, one two three splendid fics.

Also, for those new to the show who were wondering where to start, Outpost Gallifrey has just about all the factual information anyone could possibly wish for about the show in its present and past incarnations. There are also the LJ communities doctorwho, new_who and sortofyeah for essays, icons, screencaps, vids, fics, build-your-own-Dalek kits (or cakes!), and just about anything else you could imagine.

And finally, wondertwins_inc created this splendid 9th & Rose mood theme, with a different screencap for every emotion in the LJ book, and I'm loving it. Though I may eventually go back to abates's delightful cybermats mood theme if I find that there are too many others on the same bandwagon...