April 4th, 2005

A Pocket Full of Murder

It's "The End of the World" (as we know it)

...and I feel fine.

Non-spoilery comments: this episode, the second of the new Doctor Who series, was about three times better than "Rose", the pilot. And I liked the pilot a good deal, in spite of a few niggles, so that's saying something. But this... the acting was universally excellent, the FX very decent indeed (my husband said it reminded him of Star Trek in that respect -- meaning recent Trek shows, not the original), and there were all kinds of lovely little character moments that made my frockish l'il self wriggle all over with pure delight. In some ways it was totally different from the DW I grew up with; and yet in spirit and essence, it was just what Who ought to be, IMO.

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CBC starts running the show this Tuesday, so I look forward to hearing some regular commentary from the Canadian viewers on my f-list. For you Americans, unfairly deprived of this show by the idiocy of the Sci-Fi channel (I mean seriously, just what are they looking for if this show isn't it?), I hope you can find some alternate way of seeing it, and soon. Because it really is just. that. good.