March 7th, 2005

A Pocket Full of Murder

Happy (Early) Birthday to Me!

We don't usually make much of a fuss about our birthdays -- hubby and I, I mean, of course we try to make it special for the kids -- so I was actually quite surprised yesterday when my DH said on the way home from chapel, "So do you want your birthday present now or do you want to wait until the actual day?"

"Oh," said I, taken aback. "Well, I can wait."

"It's just that I have to take it back in two weeks," he said, "if you don't like it."

Oh, well, in that case...

So my husband comes into the house later that afternoon bearing a large bag reading FUTURE SHOP and I am instantly all a-quiver. Here I'd been thinking it was jewelry or something dull like that -- but electronics, whee! I still couldn't imagine what it was, though. Something for the computer?

It turned out to be a Canon PowerShot S1 IS digital camera. SQUEE!!! We've been talking about getting a digital for years now, but nothing ever seemed to come of it, so I'd resigned myself to using my old and scratched-up film camera for another couple of years at least. This came as a lovely surprise.

And not only does it take lovely clear pictures, it takes movies. Up to an hour long, even. Wowzers!

So I think I had better warn all my readers to brace yourselves for picspam. Starting... now!

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Erm, so how does this thing work, again?
A Pocket Full of Murder

*is scared*

So I get home this morning from buying groceries, and the kids decide they want macaroni and cheese for lunch, so I naturally fill up a pot with water and cook the pasta, some hot dogs and frozen peas in it. After which we all sit down and eat, as usual.

Then I get a call from my husband, telling me that his office has just been told not to drink or even wash with the water coming out of their taps until further notice. And since his office is only five minutes up the road from our house, it seems like a good chance that we're affected too. "You'd better turn on the radio," he says.

So I turn on the radio, and within a few minutes I get the full story, or at least as much as they've released so far: the local health officer has declared a Water Emergency for the whole city -- some sort of spill, somewhere, though they're not going into details yet -- and yes, none of us is supposed to touch the stuff. Also, if you start to feel ill from drinking the water, you're supposed to go straight to Emergency.

Needless to say, this scared me half to death. What about my kids? What about my baby? I feel okay right now, but -- just what was in this mysterious "spill" and how potentially serious is it that we used the water before we realized the situation? If they're telling people to go to Emergency, it sounds like it could be pretty darn serious.

Also, it seems there was a mad run on the grocery stores as soon as the emergency was declared (ironically, right after I left the grocery store myself) and now there's not a bottle of water to be bought anywhere within city limits. My husband says he's going to another town about an hour away and that he'll try to bring some bottled water back with him tonight -- I hope we can make do until then.

And I pray none of us gets sick.
A Pocket Full of Murder

Nary a drop to drink...

Thanks to those who expressed concern over on the LiveJournal feed about our water situation. As of right now none of us have become ill from using the water, not even my 80-year-old father who took a shower 15 minutes after the emergency situation was declared. A couple of stations have been set up around the city to dispense bottled water to those who bring their own containers -- we may take a trip over there later on if we get low, but right now we're just sitting tight and waiting for my husband to come back with whatever bottles or jugs he's managed to get on his travels.

A press conference this afternoon confirmed that it was a chemical spill, specifically detergents and waxes from a local car wash. So it sounds like it could be a corrosive/poisonous situation. They don't expect it to be cleared up until 10:00-10:30 tomorrow morning at the very earliest, and it might well take even longer than that. Drat, I knew I should have taken my shower this morning instead of telling myself I'd have one tonight...

Anyway, thanks again for your prayers, thoughts and concerns. I should mention, however, that the only time I get comments via the LJ feed is if I remember to look for them manually -- they don't come to my e-mail or my friendslist, because the syndicated account is not technically "mine", anyone could have set it up. Also, syndicated posts get deleted (along with any and all associated comments) after a week or so. So if you really want to make sure I see your comments, you'd be best to put them here on the source blog (which now accepts anonymous/non-Blogger commenting) or add them as comments to one of my regular LJ entries. I try to check the syndicated feed but I don't always get there in time...