January 11th, 2005

A Pocket Full of Murder

Icon, Youcon

The rumours of my delinquency when it came to giving anyone on my friendlist anything from their Christmas wish list in time for Christmas are, unfortunately, true. However, I do recall that a considerable number of you mentioned that you would like icons, and that is something that even in my current state of health*, I can actually do with some degree of enjoyment and success.

So, I am taking icon requests. If you'd like one, please leave a comment, and tell me:

a) what kind of icon you'd like (i.e. a particular fandom, character, pairing, subject, etc.) .
Feel free to put up multiple ideas for me to choose from, if you'd like a bit of a surprise; if you'd really like to be surprised, just leave it at "I'd like an icon," and I'll pick an interest off your User Info.

b) any other specifics you'd like me to incorporate
A favorite screencap, a particular line or snippet of text, a colour you'd like me to use (or avoid) -- if you don't supply any of these I'll just use my own discretion.

Go to it!

*No worries, it's nothing fatal, just inconvenient and wearisome. The lingering case of pink-eye doesn't help either.