December 21st, 2004

A Pocket Full of Murder

And I bet it had a really great wine cellar, too...

pharnabazus writes in an e-mail of a few days ago (and since I haven't seen it anywhere else on my friendslist yet, I reproduce it here):

I am dumbfounded to see that the "Snape Castle" of bad fanfic really does exist! You can see it here:

A "stately" Snape home, even. zoepaleologa and theatresm (among others), how could we have been so wrong?

Then pharnabazus adds: Also, for hundreds of years it used to belong to the "Neville" family! Unfortunately, it has in the last few years been subdivided and converted into holiday homes for Muggles...

Oh, the humanity! (Wizardry?) No wonder Snape is so touchy.

Also, HP:HBP in July? Whoop!