December 2nd, 2004

Saffron Cake

Just a little thank-you note...

Time and energy fail me at the moment, so I can't give a personal response to each and every one of you, but I'd like to thank everyone who wished me well with the move, and said such nice cheering-up things after my recent disappointment with the agent. You are all so kind and your words meant a lot to me.

Also, if anyone wants my new address for Christmas cards and the like, drop me an e-mail and I shall send it along.

By way of a progress report on the move, I have managed to get the kitchen and living room nicely set up, the dining room is coming along, the bathroom is mostly done, and the bedrooms just need a little more work. I shall try to get the office finished today.
A Pocket Full of Murder


For the last couple of weeks I've been making icons and avatars for people on the KP Fan Club boards as a way of making myself feel like I'm doing something creative, while not expending much mental energy in the process. I've learned a lot more about Photoshop, to be sure.

This, made today, might be my favorite icon yet, though it looks better at 120 x 120. I love rich purples and blues and greens. I really ought to redo my LJ one of these days to reflect that...

Eventually I will start making other kinds of icons again, honestly. :)