November 11th, 2004

A Pocket Full of Murder


Oh, my word. Why have I not seen this site before? Thanks to netninny for the tip. Of course, the videos are probably only funny if you're Canadian (although Due South fans will probably get a kick out of the guest appearance by Paul Gross), but you've got to love the bobblehead doll of our Prime Minister, at least.

On a more solemn note, it is Remembrance Day. *is solemn*

On a less solemn note, it is Kalan's 19th birthday, and next Friday the poor kid will have to put up with me asking him embarrassing questions over lunch ("So, when your mother heard 'Single', did she have kittens, or just a hairy conniption?").

Yes, indeed, I entered a "Q-Nadian Idol" contest offered by a local radio station, and yes, I won (thanks to the formidable voting powers of the KP Fan Club, who listened to the show online and called in from places like Vancouver and Quebec to support me), so yes, I am going to lunch with Kalan along with the four other contest winners.

I have the best husband in the world for not only putting up with my weird fangirly ways* but actually laughing good-naturedly when I asked his permission to enter the contest and telling me I didn't need to ask.

What do you think, should I print up the new t-shirt?

* I mean, it's not just this, it's been everything from making him read my Doctor Who fanfics to dragging him off to dinner with Laurie King to asking him to watch the kids for three days while I burbled about Snape at Convention Alley. Really, the guy deserves a medal.