October 22nd, 2004

A Pocket Full of Murder

Hoi, hoi, u embleer hrair...

Having noticed Collapse ) I am intrigued to see how this may play out.

On another note, I just finished Jasper Fforde's latest Thursday Next book, Something Rotten, and although I still find the series a bit gimmicky and the characters thinly developed, I got some good laughs out of this one. Especially when I came across this bit of conversation between Thursday and Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle about recent developments in the BookWorld, which instantly made me think of lydaclunas:
'Starbucks want to open another coffee shop in the Hardy Boys series.'

'Another one?' I asked with some surprise. 'There's already sixteen. How much coffee do they think they can drink? Tell them they can open another in
Mrs Dalloway and two more in The Age of Reason. After that, no more.'