October 13th, 2004

A Pocket Full of Murder

Beta Readers' Appreciation Day

If you've beta'd for me before, ever, I am deeply grateful to you. Every one of you has helped me to look at my work in a different way, and to take it beyond anything I could possibly have done alone.

Quite a few people on my flist have given me comments on one or more of my stories in the past -- melissa_tlc and janabanana come to mind, as well as yunitsa and wahlee_98; kizmet_42, ms_pie, friede, avarill, and penwiper26. Thank you all.

Then jerie, seemag, and the inestimable yahtzee63 were crazy kind enough to volunteer to read and comment on my original novel, even though they'd never beta'd anything for me before. You guys are great and I so appreciate it!

Finally, there are the few, the stalwart, the suckers for punishment truly dedicated, who have beta'd nearly all of my writing to date: lizbee, pharnabazus, hedda62, and lydaclunas. You've each brought a unique and valuable perspective to the editing process, and I greatly prize your comments, criticisms, and advice -- not to mention your steadfast friendship. Please consider yourselves the recipients of a large virtual group hug.

And if I've missed anyone, as I'm sure I have (because I have a brain like a sieve, and I am baking chocolate chip cookies as I write this, plus I didn't actually go back through all my Author's Notes to check), please accept my apologies, and be assured that I appreciate you, too!