September 25th, 2004

A Pocket Full of Murder

Burning lines in the book of our lives

I have always been something of a music snob -- nothing too pedestrian, thank you (yeah, yeah, I know, CI and Clay Aiken. But I will point out that I refuse to buy the Aiken's first album. Or Ryan Malcolm's. Nor will I be buying Kalan's single).

Semi-obscure artists, usually British, with intelligent lyrics and complex instrumentation, the kind of thing that it takes you three or four listenings to really get into -- that's most of what you'll find in my record collection, or at least my dream record collection. That being said, I have a confession to make, though it pains me:

I think Dan Fogelberg's "Longer" is one of the most gorgeous songs ever written. And I stop and listen to it every time I find it on the radio. Like this morning, about five minutes ago, which is why I'm making this post.

Sigh. There goes my street cred.

P.S. I kind of like "Sailing" by Christopher Cross, too. Excuse me while I nip out back and shoot myself.