August 10th, 2004

A Pocket Full of Murder

ESSAY ADDENDA: More "Deeply Horrible" Stuff, from the Presentation

There were a few things in the oral presentation that didn't make it into the essay, or at least not in such a detailed form, so I'm adding them in here. The presentation followed pretty much the same thought flow as the essay, but I think I did a better job of backing up some of my arguments in the presentation. So here's the Special Bonus Section of the game, for those playing at home:

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Later, having established that JKR's Christianity does, by her own admission, have an influence on the outcome of the books, I came back to the subject of redemption in the Biblical sense and its possible impact on Snape's character arc, as well as including some thoughts on this motif in the Narnia books (since JKR unabashedly acknowledges her love of and indebtedness to that series as well):

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And, of course, this would be further complicated by the question of just how much of his nasty behaviour is exaggerated (or at least, deliberately unrestrained) on account of his need to preserve his cover as a Voldemort sympathizer.

Finally, and less importantly, when discussing in the early part of the presentation whether or not JKR's comments about Snape in interviews should be taken at face value, I mentioned the Rickman factor -- that JKR was not only delighted with AR being cast in the part, but that he was in fact her first pick for the role -- and suggested that if Jo had really wanted the audience to dislike Snape and have no sympathy with him, she chose the wrong actor. :)

Anyway, I think those were the only really significant departures from or additions to what I'd written in the essay. So... now you know what you missed!


ETA: kizmet_42 wrote something in an e-mail regarding the essay that I think worth reposting here, as I can see that I didn't make myself quite clear on this particular point:

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However, I actually agreed with her, and said so in my reply:

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I hope that makes things a bit more clear.