August 9th, 2004

A Pocket Full of Murder

Yeah, but does your Idol show use props?

An American speaks out about the relative merits of Canadian Idol in relation to American Idol and he's absolutely right. Especially about the judges. One of the things he forgot to mention was that the group sings (cheesy as they are and calculated to expose the singers' worst weaknesses), actually show some semblance of unity, as opposed to all of the contestants running around trying to out-glory-note each other.

For those interested in playing along at home, a nice, hard-working person who can't spell has created a comprehensive page of all the CI Top Ten performances to date. They say they'll update it regularly, which remains to be seen, but if you're curious about the kind of stuff CI2 is dishing out relative to AI3 (or any of the AI shows really), I recommend checking out any of Jacob or Kalan's performances, especially the ones from Top 10 week. Theresa's Good Mother from that week is also worth seeing, though her subsequent two performances were disappointing -- she just doesn't seem to know how to pick the right songs.

And if you want to laugh until your sides hurt, check out Shane's take on The Darkness, which is made much, much funnier by the awareness that up until this point in the competition he was a competent but dull singer of syrupy ballads. The falsetto has to be heard to be believed. I personally got a huge kick out of it, though the Scary Faces make it a difficult performance to watch more than once.

P.S. If the above links don't work, try here, but remember to right-click and save, please.

P.P.S. The aforementioned props were in Jacob's "Space Oddity", which is certainly one of the most gobsmackingly bizarre things I've ever seen in my life. Yes, including Bowie in his heyday doing the same song.
A Pocket Full of Murder

Convention Alley -- The Full Scoop -- Part Two

Sorry for the delay on this, I was waiting for lydaclunas to post her account of things so I didn't overlap too much with hers, but then LJ ate her post and she hasn't rewritten it yet, so I'll do mine and she can fill in wherever she likes. I know she has at least one piece of incriminating evidence picture that I wasn't planning to include in my recap, for instance...

Anyway. On to Saturday morning, and the real beginning of Convention Alley!

I have a memory like a sieve, so I remember meeting a number of people at breakfast, but I can't remember all their names: however, I do recall meeting Yolanda, and Trista Merrill (one of the other presenters, who had her copy of her PhD thesis in tow -- how cool is it that she did a Pottercentric thesis?), and chatting with a guy named Robert and a blonde, bespectacled Hufflepuff so cute I wanted to adopt her. And, of course, we chattered away happily about all things Potter until it was time to go to the first session.

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Afterward there was a general discussion, which I was in the middle of and quite enjoying when I glanced back to see sheryll urgently beckoning to me. I hurried up to talk to her, only to learn that Roslyn LaDrew, who had been scheduled to present during the next session, was still on the road, and would I mind doing my seminar next, in her place?

I hadn't exactly been prepared for that -- I'd been counting on presenting during the third session, after lunch and some free time -- and for a moment my brain just went *wkrstksft* (major House Points to anyone who gets that joke). But then I heard myself say, "Uh, yeah, sure," and a few minutes later was sprinting through the pouring rain, desperate to get back to my residence and grab my notes.

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After I'd got through my presentation, the feeling of trembly breathlessness gradually eased, especially once I'd got some lunch down and had a relaxing chat with Stephanie and some other Snapefans. And then -- hey -- I could just lean back and enjoy the rest of the convention! Which I did, starting with Phyllis Morris's seminar in the early afternoon.

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The afternoon ended, for me at least, with Wendy Spiesman's Collapse )

Hm, this is getting to be quite a long post, so perhaps I'll save Saturday evening and Sunday morning for Part Three. Stay tuned for The Truth About Steve Vander Ark, and more of callyperry's pictures!