August 6th, 2004

A Pocket Full of Murder

Defriending Without Prejudice

I've just gone through a round of defriending, in a possibly futile effort to cut back on the time I spend reading LJ and making comments when I ought to be working on other things (like revising my novel). If you (or your community) were one of those defriended, it will be for one or more of the following reasons:
a) We used to have a number of common interests, but one or both of us have moved on to other things, and while I like you just fine, I don't find that I have anything to say in response to any of your posts (and I get the impression you feel the same way);

b) You are just too darn interesting and/or thought-provoking and I have a hard time avoiding getting into big discussions on your journal;

c) You make frequent, long posts about political issues, which I'm sure are very articulate and well-reasoned, but alas, politics are just not my thing;

d) Most of your posts are lengthy accounts of your personal life and the latest stuff you did with your friends, which is perfectly legit but I don't know you on a personal level and I've never met said friends;

e) You've already defriended me, so I figure you won't mind.
As it says in my User Info, though, this is a public journal and I very rarely make locked posts, so even if you've been defriended, you needn't worry that you're missing anything important. And I do thank and appreciate all the people who watch this journal and make comments -- I wish I had time to read and respond to all of you, and I'm sorry that I can't.

Thanks for your understanding.

Oh, and GIP! Because I am a sad, sad Canadian Idol fan. And I hope Kalan wins, even if he's too shy and well-mannered to inform the L'Oreal makeup squad that he is not, in fact, a girl...