June 20th, 2004

A Pocket Full of Murder


First, these Alias/HP icons are sheer brilliance. And I agree with most of the House assignments, too... though Jack has decided Slytherin tendencies. Slytherclaw?

Second, GIP! If you are wondering what inspired this particular bit of weirdness, you can find the relevant comment, and my frivolous reply, here. I finally managed to get my own icon concept -- the one that was driving me nuts yesterday -- working, but I still welcome other people's takes on the same theme. And thanks to penwiper26 for her lovely (and fast!) effort. Lisa, what characters/fandom did you want me to write that drabble for?

Just for the record, the illustration that appears on the icon is not mine, but was taken from a pencil sketch by Anneth Lagamo entitled "The Potions Master and the Protege". Although it was labelled as Snape/Hermione, chresimos thought it looked amazingly like an illustration for chapter six of If We Survive, and I had to agree.

Now I'm off to run some errands...

ETA: Thanks to sinick for reminding me of the artist's name and pointing me to her gallery so I could give her proper credit, here and in the icon keywords.
A Pocket Full of Murder

My new friend / best friend / her name is...?

Not Julian, apparently:

My Best Friend is penwiper26
Our 36 common interests are: apologetics, art, british actors, c.s. lewis, chocolate, christianity, connie willis, darkness and light trilogy, defending original characters, dorothy dunnett, dorothy l. sayers, england, fanfic, fanfiction, fantasy, fiction, gen, harry potter, het, intelligent conversation, j k rowling, j.s. bach, jane austen, judaica, laurie r. king, literature, mary russell, maud moody, music, mystery, narnia, philosophy, reading, synaesthesia, theology, writing
Who is your best friend?
Created by macoto

Also, I have a question for the dog lovers on my list (sff_corgi, perhaps?): What kind of dog is Ripper in the HP film? I was hoping to find a good Ripper screencap for an icon I want to make, but alas, even in the fairly comprehensive set of PoA caps recently done by indilime, there seem to be no clear head-on or profile shots of Ripper, only a shot of the back of his head as he drinks from Marge's glass. And since I've only seen the film once, I can't remember for the life of me what that dog looked like, so I can't even begin to start looking for pics of his breed elsewhere... Help?