June 6th, 2004

A Pocket Full of Murder

It must be a sign...

I was debating to myself just last night whether I ought to write up a theory that had been taking shape in my mind over the last few weeks, when I saw this, on the comments to a recent posting at The Leaky Cauldron:
I kind of get this idea that all of the Marauders were vying for Lily (as if she were some object *F*) and James just happened to win...but it's curious how they end up together. I mean, the scenes in OotP. Eek. I'm wondering if James does something to her magically to entice her.

So, since I am obviously not the only one who has had this thought since reading OotP, and since lizbee and pharnabazus have been kind enough not only to indulge my heretical musings in this regard but to admit that the idea makes sense and even (in the case of pharnabazus) to suggest corroborating evidence, I am going to make the case here and let my readers tear it to bits -- or build it up some more -- as they see fit.


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