June 4th, 2004

A Pocket Full of Murder

Alias Feedback Challenge: "Whitewash" by Alikona (S/V, PG-13)

As regular readers of my LJ probably know by now, I am really not feeling at all fond of Syd or Vaughn as individuals right now, let alone together. Which is certainly not Alikona's fault. In fact, if anything could persuade me to care about this ship again, it would be fics like hers. She's a skilled author with a rich, evocative style, and her approach to the characters and their relationship is sympathetic without being sentimental or saccharine.

For my review I've chosen to focus on a single fic, the one that was most to my personal taste: a short piece called "Whitewash", which deals with Vaughn's thoughts and feelings as he looks at the house he and Lauren once shared together.

The short version of the review: It's good. Painful, but good.

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