May 7th, 2004

A Pocket Full of Murder

Woe is me...

...for I have discovered Puretracks, and David Sylvian has a compilation album I didn't know existed. Plus, they have old Fixx songs. My wishlist runneth over. I will not, not, repeat not, buy them all at once...

On a more positive note, I have finished the Snape essay for Convention Alley, and now have only to finish the footnotes and bibliography and generally Chicago-proof it... well, that and cut out about 2,000 words, seeing as they were asking for five to seven double-spaced pages, and I think twenty-two might be a bit excessive.

Don't worry, though, whatever doesn't make it into the final draft of the essay will go into the presentation. Even if it means I have to talk really fast. :)
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