January 14th, 2004

A Pocket Full of Murder

Just a cheap excuse for a poll, really...

Poll #233115 Fic Bunny Petting Zoo and Feeding Station

What fic should RJ work on next?

Malcolm Snape's 17th Birthday Dinner (another scene from the Snapelets WiP)
"The Artifact" (Alias/HP crossover, Syd and Snape and Sark, oh my!)
"What You Never Knew You Wanted" (Syd/Weiss, dreamfic, 2nd person narrator)
Something else (and I'm leaving you a comment to tell you what)
A Pocket Full of Murder

Calling all sock puppets...

My name just came up in the latest round of hpbnfdm_lives, the kinder, gentler (or at least, funnier) reincarnation of hpbnfdeathmatch. They've got me up against aldalindil... come vote!

Note, I didn't say "vote for me" -- if aldalindil has a bigger presence in your experience of HP fandom, then certainly you should vote for her. But if you haven't really heard of her and you have nothing much to do... you could drop by and help keep me from getting beaten too badly. :)