January 2nd, 2004

A Pocket Full of Murder

Hey, wow...!

According to the complete list of syndicated LJ feeds it seems that rjanderson_blog is rather gratifyingly popular. As in, page two of the list. I guess it pays to advertise.

In case anybody's interested, here are the feeds to which I currently subscribe:

alias_media -- Just discovered this one today. Whee!
baraita -- naomichana's blog, because I am a lit freak and a Judaica freak, so what's not to love?
butterbug_blog -- Now defunct, according to yunitsa, so don't bother signing up. But it was fun while it lasted.
calnhobbes -- Yeah, me and everybody else in the world.
cbm_blog -- meril's Carnival of Bargain Madness.
comic_getfuzzy -- I never really read this comic much before I discovered the feed. Now I love it.
davebarrycolumn -- Now I never need to buy a newspaper again...
dilbert_feed -- Makes me gladder every day that I'm out of the office.
foxtrot_feed -- Another comic I knew little about prior to the feed, but now adore.
ink_penwipers -- penwiper26's Ink and Penwipers.
jemima_blog -- INTX's of the world, unite! Jemima's Speak Stiltedly And Wear A Yellow Shirt.
leaky_cauldron -- If you don't know what this is, you must not be in HP fandom.
making_light -- Fantasy publisher Teresa Nielsen Hayden's blog.
officialgaiman -- I have no idea why I am subscribed to this, since I am not much of a Gaiman fan and have read very little of his work. But occasionally he amuses me, or posts neat links.
seemag_blog -- seemag's Unbound.
thestraightdope -- Cecil Adams's The Straight Dope column.
wilwheaton -- Is there a geek in the world without a link to this blog?

If you like any of these, just click over to the relevant feed page and add it to your Friends list.

This public service announcement has been brought to you by someone who is still in her pajamas and in dire need of a shower. But I did clean the house this morning, so I have a good excuse, honest...

ETA: Hm, it's been noted that the above-noted "complete" list of feeds is in fact rather incomplete, as well as (in some cases) inaccurate as to the number of subscribers. Here's a better list for those interested.
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