December 29th, 2003

A Pocket Full of Murder

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My to-do list for this week:

  • clean the oven (in spite of keeping a generally tidy house, I have successfully put this particular job off for nearly two years; today a casserole overflowed all over the bottom of the oven, so I can avoid it no longer -- but it's going to be an all-morning job and I am not looking forward to it at all)
  • back up my files, reformat my HD, and reinstall all my software, which will hopefully reduce my twice-daily system crashes to, say, twice-weekly (this is bound to be an all-day job -- and that's assuming it all goes smoothly, which it probably won't)
  • finish my last edit and print-out of the remaining eleven chapters of Knife, and mail the manuscript off to the editor (which, at my current rate of progress, will take several days)

    The third one is really the highest priority at this point -- I've already gone well beyond my original intended deadline for having the book out the door -- but it requires brainpower, and I don't seem to have much of that at the moment. Sigh.
  • A Pocket Full of Murder

    Oh, the guilt...

    avarill, I apologize for not having made you that Bristow Family Geocaching icon I promised. I would have done it before now, only I couldn't find the screencap anywhere on Alias Media, and I did look -- honest. Boo hoo! And after you sent me that lovely Christmas present, too...

    However, I suspect I might be able to do a little something for you with this. I'm going to assume you won't object. ;)