December 25th, 2003

A Pocket Full of Murder

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It's a quiet Christmas day here... meril was just expressing horror that I was online, but I explained that my husband's family always celebrates on Christmas Eve, and my family get-together isn't until the 27th (we try to do it whenever the largest number of family members can be there), so today we're just hanging out at home with the kids, watching the snow fall.

The aunts and uncles went nuts this year -- admittedly, there are some fun toys out there. Nicholas, who is obsessed with dragons at the moment, was absolutely thrilled to receive this set, which is really meant for a much older child, but hopefully the dragon will stand up to a bit of rough play even if all the other little bits and pieces don't. I was worried such a fearsome-looking toy might give him nightmares, but he insists he's not afraid of it. We'll see.

Simon, meanwhile, received two very nice Bob the Builder playsets, which caused him to toddle around clutching his new Bob doll and singing the theme song for most of the evening. As usual, his nine older cousins made a fuss of him, as did his Oma, so he had a wonderful time.

There was an insane amount of other loot as well, most of which is scattered throughout the house right now. I cleaned out the kids' toy boxes last night and put a whole bunch of old stuff in the crawlspace... but I'm still not sure all the new stuff is going to fit in!

Anyway, I think we all enjoyed ourselves last night, in spite of some mysterious (or in some cases, not so mysterious) tummy aches. As we were heading out the door, my mother-in-law plied me with containers of leftover spaetzle and schnitzel, which I am going to heat up for dinner tonight. So all in all, it's been a nice Christmas so far.