December 9th, 2003

A Pocket Full of Murder

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Okay, I think I'm done fiddling with my templates now. I've finally moved everything fannish, including the links to my online fiction and the fandom-related articles originally written at this blog, over to the LiveJournal.

This blog will remain, as it has been for some time now, a place for me to talk about my family and personal life; theological, ideological and social issues; the better quality memes and links I come across; and -- when pertinent -- my original fiction.

The LiveJournal will continue to be on the lighter, fandom-related side of things -- TV and movie reviews, fan fiction and recs, silly memes, fan art and so on.

*dusts off hands, satisfied, and bustles off to tidy the rest of the house*
A Pocket Full of Murder


I have now updated both this LJ and rjanderson_blog with a nifty new winter template. I've also moved all the links to my fanfics and fandom-related articles which used to be on the blog, over to my LJ front page where they belong.

Amazing what you can do when you're trying to avoid cleaning the house...
A Pocket Full of Murder

The Neverending Story

Thanks to hedda62 for drawing my attention to a fascinating post by zvi_likes_tv:

Does anyone else have a story they can't let go? What's your template, what's the script that underlies everything? Or, if you don't have a story you keep telling, maybe there's a story you keep reading. Is there something that underlies all of your favorite fairytales and novels and television shows and fanfics?

Like hedda62, I agree that there are elements of Arranged Marriage and Secret Soulmates in most of what I write. But the one theme I keep coming back to again and again, in a variety of forms, is Sacrifice. The main character either makes a terrible sacrifice, or is the beneficiary of one, or has to learn to make sacrifices before he/she can find peace and resolution.

A similar and often connected motif in my writing is Cruel To Be Kind -- the idea that sometimes an act or an event that seems, on the face of it, to be terrible may in fact be the result of compassion, and ultimately key to a greater happiness.

What about you? What are the recurring themes or motifs in your work?