October 27th, 2003

A Pocket Full of Murder

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I can't connect to AOL Instant Messenger, and I don't know why. Up until a couple of hours ago I hadn't been able to access anything on Blogspot for 24 hours either, but switching the network modem off and on appeared to fix that problem, so it's just AIM that's balking.

I haven't changed my system configuration or installed any new programs since the last time I used AIM two nights ago, and it appeared to be working just fine then. When I found out AIM wasn't working I did two soft boots and a hard boot, but no luck. And when I run the Auto Configuration on AIM, it tells me it has no problem finding a server which is accessible, but in the end it still insists that "the AIM service can't be reached". Gnarrrr.

I can't access the websites for AOL or AIM either. And yet I haven't heard any AOL users lamenting that the system is down... so it must just be me...?

Maybe I'll go play with the network router and see if that does anything. Sigh.

Time passes, Zork-like

Nope. Switched both the modem and the router off and on, rebooted my system, nothing.

Any ideas?

ETA: Trillian has saved my bacon, at least temporarily. For some reason it could sign me in to AIM even though the AIM program itself couldn't...? Weird.