October 21st, 2003

A Pocket Full of Murder


You guys, you've got to know you've spent too much time in HP fandom at large when I suggest Snape/Luna and you worry I'm angling for a remake of Lolita. :)

Let me try that again. Snape and Luna, interacting in some positive fashion involving mutual understanding and respect. peacockharpy's just-written ficlet is a lovely example.

But if the story's set post-Hogwarts, bonus points for UST. Because actual Snape/Luna is the real challenge, I think.

Better now?

*wanders off shaking head ruefully*
A Pocket Full of Murder


Finally, the D&L trilogy has been updated at all the major archives where it resides...

...except, unfortunately, Diagon Alley. Where, it turns out, somebody read it just last week and sent me e-mail, and they were very positive and all but I do wish they'd been able to read the revised version and not the old one.

Oh, well.