October 12th, 2003

A Pocket Full of Murder

*sticks fingers in ears* La, la, la, la...

In other words, I haven't seen "Reunion" yet because I was so totally exhausted last night that I just fell into bed around 8 p.m., so would all the Alias fans on my Friends list please use cut tags when talking about it until this evening? Thank you.

In other news, gacked from naomichana:

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I may have to read these books now.

And finally, thanks to my all too brief participation in the Mod Squad chat last night (yes, I am a Zendom mod, albeit an embarrassingly useless one), I was able to witness the creation of a beautiful new thing: inflammable, where you can share the weird and wacky reviews your fics receive from readers who, for one reason or another, Just Don't Get It. Have fun!
A Pocket Full of Murder

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Well, we just got back from our trip and I am soooooooo(oooooooo, etc.) tired. You know the way you feel when you're strung out on Gravol (Dramamine, for you U.S. types)? That "I'd be wondering what planet I'm on right now, except I don't have the energy to care" feeling? Like that. And I would be sleeping right now, except that I already tried about half an hour after we got home, and I couldn't. I'm sure going to try it again once the kids are in bed, though...

The reason for this unwonted fatigue? Well, we left home around 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, and drove until nearly 3:30 a.m. before settling into a hotel for the rest of the night. Two and a half hours later we were up again, thanks to the kids' already messed-up sleep schedules, but since we'd made good time the previous day we drove at a more leisurely pace until we reached our destination in Dubuque, IA some four hours later. We stayed the afternoon in Dubuque, mostly just driving around town while Hubby exclaimed over how much it had changed in the past decade (he spent a year and a half there while attending Emmaus Bible College), and then attended our friends' rehearsal dinner that evening -- which was delicious, but thanks to two wriggly and tired kids, exhausting. Then we all went back to the hotel room and slept, as well as it is possible to sleep when one of your children spends the first part of the night being sick and the second part thrashing around sticking his feet in your face.

Saturday morning was our friends' wedding, and the reception went from 1:30 p.m. to about 4 p.m., after which we immediately packed up and started for home again. Hubby wanted to try and drive all the way home that night if we could -- he figured we might make it around 3 a.m., and we'd all sleep much better in our own beds -- but by the time we were crossing Michigan, around midnight, I was so exhausted I literally could not see straight, and the kids (who had slept in the car, but not very well) were very crabby. So we found a hotel in the amusingly named town of Paw Paw, MI and I fell into bed and slept like a corpse.

This morning we started off around 9 a.m., and finally reached home at about 3 p.m. So, in the past three days I've spent 24 hours on the road and had about twelve hours' sleep. Oh, and we all have colds. Whee!

All things considered, though, it was an interesting trip, and the kids really behaved very well. I'm just not keen to repeat the experience any time soon, that's all...