October 6th, 2003

A Pocket Full of Murder

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So Nicholas wakes up at 5 a.m. this morning shrieking "Dada!" and when I go hurtling into his room he sniffs, "I'm scared." He has also, to my chagrin, woken up the baby. It's obvious Nicholas isn't going to go back to sleep on his own, and I'm afraid he'll make so much noise that Simon won't be able to go back to sleep, so I immediately ship him off to my own nice warm bed and crawl into his.

Once cuddled in with his daddy, Nicholas goes back to sleep immediately. Simon, however, does not. Which means neither do I.

I have now been up since 5 a.m. And Simon is demanding breakfast in the form of "geeps". We have no grapes left, however; they're one of the things I have to buy when I go grocery shopping today. He is not impressed.


Why did I have kids, again?
A Pocket Full of Murder

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Michelle mentioned in the comments to the last post that she thought Simon saying "geeps" was cute. Which reminded me, I'd been planning to make notes of all the cute things my kids were saying along the way, and never did. BAD mommy.

Anyway, right now Simon is passionate about the aforementioned "geeps", and he sings "Bob the Builder" at the slightest provocation (which is odd, because he has literally never seen more than five minutes of the thing -- he must have become familiar with the theme song in the womb!) -- only since he can't talk yet, it comes out as just "BAA ba ba ba -- ba. ba. BA!" He says "kee" (with a very throaty "k") for "cookie" and also for our downstairs neighbour Keith; other favourite words are "gink" for "drink" and "guck" for "truck": however, he can say "duck" and "baby" with perfect clarity.

I've just remembered something Nicholas used to do at around the same age: if he wanted something that was out of reach he would stand underneath, point and say "Haveit -- haveit -- haveit --" with increasing pitch and volume until somebody handed him the desired object. Simon seems to be determined to actually name the desired object, though, even if he makes up a term for it that nobody understands. ("Bups" seems to be the default word.)

Language is cool. Watching your kids learn language for the first time is extra-cool.