October 5th, 2003

A Pocket Full of Murder

*Insert Trumpet Fanfare Here*

Yes, believe it or not, the great D&L Revision Project is finally, completely, done! I've already deleted the old versions from FF.net and uploaded the new ones; and will update the versions at Fiction Alley and The Sugar Quill as soon as I figure out how they want me to go about it. (heidi8, didn't you say you wanted me to let you know before I submitted the new version to FA?)

In the meantime, you can find the complete revised text of all three D&L stories here:

  • The Potions Master's Apprentice
  • Personal Risks
  • If We Survive

    And my deepest and most heartfelt thanks to all the people who helped me with this project. It was a lot of work, and a bit nutty of me to take the time to do it in the first place, but I'm glad I did it. Collapse )

    Whether I'll get any new readers out of this, or whether anyone who disliked the first version will be inclined to give the revision a try, I don't know. But it doesn't really matter, either -- I didn't really do it for anybody's satisfaction but my own. If other people turn out to enjoy it as well, that's gravy. :)