September 27th, 2003

A Pocket Full of Murder

Two Tests and a Ramble

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Interesting. It's true that when I write I think a great deal about the sound and rhythm of the words and not just about constructing a readable sentence. I like prose that "sounds" like poetry when I read it, and yet I'm really not a very patient reader where actual poetry is concerned. Unless it's set to music -- so this result is probably quite accurate.

Something I've lately realized about my writing is that it's intensely sensuous -- my descriptions are very seldom made up of purely visual information and I often spend quite some time finding just the right metaphor to describe the taste, touch and/or smell of what my characters are experiencing. I even find it difficult to read books which don't include the same kind of full-sensory description -- they seem very bland to me, like I'm reading an outline instead of a novel. Which makes the next set of results ironic, really.

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The really interesting thing about this is that while it's only partially accurate in regard to me, it's almost perfect for Margot...! Except for the compromise part. :)
A Pocket Full of Murder

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Just got back from a very lovely, relaxing 5th anniversary dinner at this restaurant. I had the Grilled Ontario Pork Tenderloin and it was scrumptious. Oh, and I wore The Dress, just to make it extra-special.

So I've thoroughly satisfied my impulse to dress up and eat dinner at a fancy restaurant -- now I'm good for another five years. :) Thanks to all of you for the congratulations and well-wishes -- and Jeri, when you said "Forgetting your anniversary... probably just shows how happy you are in the present," you were exactly right.