September 26th, 2003

A Pocket Full of Murder


Now I'm all flabbergasted. And touched. And grateful. Somebody sent me 12 months of paid LJ time.

Whoever you are, thank you, thank you, thank you!

And on my fifth wedding anniversary, too -- how felicitously timely.

No, I'm quite sure it wasn't my husband who paid for it.
A Pocket Full of Murder

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It's my fifth wedding anniversary. Wow. And also six years to the day when Hubby and I finally figured out our romantic interest was mutual and officially became An Item (I didn't plan our wedding to fall on the same date, it just happened).

The funny thing is, though, I didn't write the date down on the calendar this year because I was sure I'd remember. And then I forgot it completely until two days ago, when we were all sitting on the couch after dinner and I suddenly smacked my forehead and said, "Our anniversary is in two days!"

"It can't be," said Hubby. "It was the 28th, not the 26th."

"No, it was the 26th."

"No, it wasn't, because the 26th is the same day of the month as my birthday and I know I'd have remembered that."

So then I couldn't remember either, and I actually had to pull out one of our old wedding invitations to be sure. Fortunately (because it would have been way too embarrassing if I, the wife and The One Who Is Supposed To Remember These Things, had got the date wrong), it really was the 26th.

As you've probably guessed, we're not exactly Special Occasion People around here. But we are hoping to go out to dinner tomorrow night (sans kids) if all goes well, so we're not completely clueless.
Saffron Cake

I'm all abuzz...

...because I just got an e-mail from Laurie King telling me she's mailed me an ARC for her new Mary Russell / Sherlock Holmes book The Game! ***SQUEE!!!*** So if some time in the next couple of weeks I mysteriously (ha) disappear for a while, you'll know what happened...

And speaking of Russell, The Beekeeper's Holmes Page has finally been updated (after eight months of neglect -- oh, the shame!) with new info about the books, upcoming tour dates and appearances for Laurie, revitalized links, and other such cool stuff. And there's an absolutely delicious teaser for the aforementioned GAME, which made me giggle like an idiot when I read it. Oh, this is going to be fun...
A Pocket Full of Murder

Death of an OTP*

I'm really not an obsessively shippy sort of person on the whole -- meaning that I can't be bothered to sit around in forums arguing about why Character X and Character Y are just meant to be together and any other pairing is wrong. Still, it is true that when I get caught up in a fandom I do frequently develop an interest in a particular ship and stick by it until the bitter end.

Usually this happens with ships that seem, well, obvious: Mulder/Scully, for instance, or Edison/Theora (see who remembers that one), or Picard/Crusher. I really didn't want to see any of those characters with anybody else, and when a script came up that threw in a BOTW** I found myself gritting my teeth, or even skipping the episode altogether. And I certainly felt the same way when Sydney's ex-boyfriend Noah returned at the end of Season One of Alias, because for heaven's sake, wasn't it obvious that she was meant to be with Vaughn?

Yep, I was a Syd/Vaughn shipper all the way. Right from the first episode I watched, and so was my husband. Our friend Keith was all about the Syd/Will, but we heaped scorn upon that idea, and felt vindicated when Will bumbled about putting Sydney in danger and generally living up to his TWoP nickname of Willage Idiot. Whereas Vaughn was steady and sensible and intelligent, and he and Sydney made a great team. He was her anchor, her "guardian angel" as she put it, giving her instructions and calling in resources and reinforcements as needed, but on the whole just waiting patiently at home base for her to come back from her missions. I liked that. I liked the fact that he wasn't her partner in the field -- that she worked with Dixon, an older man and trusted friend with whom she had no romantic tension whatsoever, instead. It subverted all the usual cliches.

In Season Two, however, Vaughn stopped being the brains to Sydney's brawn and became SpyKen to her SpyBarbie. All of a sudden this guy who previously seemed to have spent most of his CIA career behind a desk was running around in the field, wearing disguises and pulling off outrageous stunts, even kicking butt and taking names. Dixon, meanwhile, faded into the background (a shocking waste of Carl Lumbly's talent). And I really didn't like the New Improved (?) Vaughn any more. By the time he and Syd actually got together, my momentary "Woo!" was quickly replaced by "Meh."

I knew that my belief in Syd/Vaughn as an OTP had died when I read a rumour about Season Three that since Vaughn had got married during her two-year absence, Sydney would eventually become involved with someone else in the cast, someone we'd never expect. My mind immediately went "Weiss!" and then I got absurdly excited at the prospect of seeing Syd and Eric together, and started thinking about how well they'd balance each other out, and all the brilliant one-liners that Weiss might be expected to supply over the course of their romance...

And now I'll be disappointed if it's not Weiss. So I guess Syd and Eric is my new OTP...

* One True Pairing.
** Boyfriend (or Babe) Of The Week.
A Pocket Full of Murder

Art Plugs!

This seems to have been a day for finding wonderful pieces of online art.

First, this amusing entry by ursulav, presenting her new digital illustration Mortimer was a very bad egg. Come on, what could be better than a goth version of Humpty Dumpty?

Then I noticed that somebody else had linked to a rather lovely drawing of the Trio, movie-style (by someone whose art I had never seen before, possibly because she seems to favour H/Hr -- but, you know, even those are pretty enough I almost didn't mind looking at them).

And finally, I just got an e-mail from Teri, telling me that a friend of a friend had done a piece of AU fan art for D&L. Well, as you can imagine, I was blown away by that as well... so here it is, "Meeting Maud". I love Maud's robes, and her hair, and the length of her nose, though how she persuaded Snape to go to a formal ball, I cannot imagine. :)

There are so many good artists out there! And they all know how to use Photoshop a great deal better than I do! Of course, I suspect they also have graphic tablets, which is an investment I've yet to make...
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A Pocket Full of Murder

Gallery Opening!

Well, I got inspired by seeing other people's art on the deviantART site, and decided to start a little gallery of my own. So here it is:

My Gallery

It's a lot easier to update stuff there than send it in to Artistic Alley or SQ, I must say. (No offense to anyone involved in AA or SQ, I hope, but it is.)
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