September 24th, 2003

A Pocket Full of Murder

Well, JKR and I have at least one thing in common...

...we're really crappy with numbers.

Last night I finally forced myself to do something I should have done long ago -- sit down and work out a timeline for the whole Darkness and Light trilogy. I mean, on the first draft I was flinging around phrases like "Eighteen months later" and "she had known X for two years now" with only the vaguest notion of whether this was actually correct. And as I discovered, in many cases it wasn't.

Not grossly incorrect in most of the cases, mind you; but there were still some definite inconsistencies, and it took me a whole evening of squinting at the screen, skimming chapters, and counting off months on my fingers (when I wasn't using the calculator to perform simple sums -- I did say "crappy", didn't I?) to fix them. I probably haven't caught all of them yet, either, but I'll keep my eyes open on the final re-read...

There is one slight remaining Flint, but I can easily rationalize it if anybody notices. :)
A Pocket Full of Murder

No surprise there...

...except that the first time around I got ISTJ, which is all kinds of wrong and caused me to re-evaluate some of my answers about systems and patterns.

INTJ - "Scientist". Most self-confident and pragmatic of all the types. Decisions come very easily. A builder of systems and the applier of theoretical models. 1% of the total population.
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A Pocket Full of Murder


I've just noticed that my paid account is about to expire. If I don't bother renewing, do I lose my custom LJ style? I know I'll get cut back to my three most popular icons, but that's not such a big deal (though ten is, admittedly, rather nice). Losing the layout would be a bummer, though. Has anybody else with a custom style reverted to a free account from a paid one, and can tell me whether they got to keep their style?