September 20th, 2003

A Pocket Full of Murder

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Everybody's napping so I have a couple spare moments to burble.

Last night, I realized that I hadn't bought a new dress in about eight years, and that I have a wedding to go to next month. So when I was wandering around downtown last night, I decided to grit my teeth and see if I could find something. I am not a shopper by nature, and I especially hate trying on clothes, but, well, we do what we must.

I walked into one store. Picked out two dresses. Tried them both on. They both fit, but the second one was gorgeous. Though it was the only one left, it was exactly the right size and colour, and it felt both elegant and comfortable. Even better, it was marked down from $200 to $50!!!

It's a simple, sleeveless gown in a silky dark purple fabric with a gauzy overlay of navy blue with lavender-coloured roses and green leaves. Subtle but striking. Very classy. And I love it. Ordinarily I wouldn't blog about something so frivolous, but this really is the Nicest. Frock. Ever. I tried it on again at home last night and didn't want to take it off. I just wanted to do twirls in front of the mirror and sing "I Feel Pretty" until the men in white coats came to take me away.

Apologies for being all girly-girl all of a sudden (I'm sure it won't happen again), but -- whee! I can't wait to wear it.