September 3rd, 2003

A Pocket Full of Murder

Excuse me while I die of shock...

I actually got something written today. Something new. A scene for one of my long-neglected WiPs. And it rattled off my fingertips so easily, it was like the way writing used to be for me, years ago. Not a long scene, but then it didn't take long to write, either. I'm still shocked that I actually finished a whole scene in less than an hour -- these days it often takes me that long to get through two or three paragraphs.

Anyway, yeah. It's a bit from near the end of the Margot fic, so I can't share it without bombarding you all with spoilers, alas. But I'm pretty pleased with the way it turned out.

Next up on the agenda: the Snape family dinner party scene. Or rewriting pretty much the entire first chapter of IWS. However, the Snape & Sydney tag-team fic is probably going to sit on the back burner until the new season of Alias starts. Sorry...
A Pocket Full of Murder

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As you've no doubt noticed, my Comments system has been having some serious problems lately. Apparently this is a server difficulty they're having over at YACCS (the Comments host) and it should be cleared up soon, but if it isn't then I guess I'll be moving to Squawkbox or Haloscan instead... :P