August 28th, 2003

A Pocket Full of Murder


OK, Tuesday night's results show for Canadian Idol was a harrowing experience (for what it was, anyway). My favorite contestant Ryan almost got voted off, and I felt bad for him having to stand on the hot spot and worry that it might be him and not Jenny Gear going home, but --

This bit from a post-show article in the Kingston Whig-Standard (Ryan's hometown newspaper) is too hilarious not to mock:

During the commercial break before Mulroney announced that Malcolm, 23, was staying, Kingston's crooner looked absolutely stunned. He stuffed his hands in his pockets and dropped his face into his hands -- which had the show's makeup staff running out to the stage to powder his nose again.

If I were the show's makeup staff, I wouldn't be sending out a team with a powder puff, I'd be calling a plastic surgeon to remove that unsightly pair of extra hands.

Ah, I do love bad journalism...
A Pocket Full of Murder

A Deeply Horrible Person

This essay on Snape by pigwidgeon37 is just... wow. Well written, and very much worth reading if you're at all interested in what Snape actually seems to be like, based on canon rather than fanon (yet taking into account Harry's biases and misunderstandings where Snape is concerned, and doing a good job of suggesting what a more balanced and mature view might be).

Go. Read. Comment.