July 31st, 2003

A Pocket Full of Murder

GIP-i-dee doo-dah, GIP-i-dee ay...

Got a couple of new icons, thanks to a bit of playing with a digital camera borrowed from work.

My new default icon is tribute to the fact that one of the main reasons I'm not inclined toward writing Hermione fic is because I was Hermione for most of my childhood. And I've still got the frizzy brown hair and the book obsession and the tendency to lapse into insufferable pedantry, so -- even now, writing about her would be too much like self-insertion. But I do like her.

The other two icons are of my kids -- one of them I'm using on this post and the other will show up soon, I'm sure. They were just too cute not to brag about -- the kids, I mean, not the icons. Although I did try. :)

New TAR4 tonight! Who will be Philiminated... next? (Actually, I'm betting it's a non-elimination round. They've got to get through two more of the things, and there are only four teams left, so...)