July 30th, 2003

A Pocket Full of Murder

No Robes? and a Plea for Assistance

Some people are already carping about these pics from the Prisoner of Azkaban set. "The kids aren't wearing robes!"

Well, no, and they aren't wearing their hats (thank goodness -- those things are ugly!) or carrying book-bags either. Hermione might have a book with her -- it's hard to tell -- but if she does it's only one book. Which, given H.'s unusually punishing schedule that year and her need to carry a full bag of books to all her classes, implies that this scene takes place after classes, or possibly even on a weekend. In which case the students wouldn't be wearing robes anyway.

I would be surprised if Cuaron (the director) had banished the robes entirely.

And I also like Draco's newly floppy hair, but that's a different story. :)

In unrelated news, I am now editing Personal Risks to bring it up to OotP standard. I don't suppose there's anybody out there who's read the new book a couple of times already and would be interested in looking through my revision to see if I've missed anything? I keep checking the Lexicon to try and avoid any glaring mistakes, but I have a nervous feeling I'm overlooking some important considerations...
A Pocket Full of Murder

D&L Canon-Proofers Ho!

OK, I've created a new Yahoo!Group just for this project, and anyone who is interested in reading and making comments/criticisms on a chapter-by-chapter basis as I make my post-OotP revisions to Darkness and Light is welcome to join. You can sign up at the web page, or if you prefer, just send a blank e-mail to this address.

What I'm looking for here is insights from those more familiar with OotP than I am, who can look through the chapters as I revise them, and suggest discrepancies I might have overlooked, major events in canon that need to be taken into account, etc. And if there's anything in the revised portions that seems superfluous or clumsy to you, let me know about that as well. Everything from characterization to Quidditch schedules is up for discussion here -- I may not choose to incorporate every suggestion I receive, but any and all thoughts on the subject are welcomed.

Thanks to all who've already indicated an interest in this project -- I'm amazed and flattered that so many of you seem to be suckers for punishment willing to take this on!