July 23rd, 2003

A Pocket Full of Murder

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Still crazy around here, but I'm working through it. Got about half of the graphic design stuff done now, plus two of the three singing engagements I had scheduled for this month are over and done with (and they both went quite well, thank the Lord). Our plans for family camp in August are finalized, D.V. We've had a couple of nice visits from friends, with one more (yay, Jerie!) coming up. No more rodent invasions, at least not for the moment. Simon is walking stoutly about the house, with very few falls (and those he does have, he doesn't seem to mind). Nicholas has an imaginary friend named Alex -- I have no idea where he came from, but he appears to be a permanent fixture. I have re-read the first five books of the Lymond Chronicles and am about to start the final one.

I have lots of thoughts to blog about but not enough time and mental energy at present to get to them, so I hope you'll bear with me. Next month will be better, I hope -- hubby plans to take two weeks' holiday and get some work done around the house. Latest project: a garden shed. Though I do hope we can finish painting the living room (or at least, more than about one foot square of it) first...
A Pocket Full of Murder

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Further to my earlier post, since people seemed to be wondering...

Not a fatal or even washer-destroying error, more of the "what a tangled web we weave" variety. It took me some time to unwind and/or break through the nest of black thread that had infested my white load. Of course it would get all wound up in all the most delicate stuff, including my nylons. Ah, well...
A Pocket Full of Murder


I was busy last night and this morning and never got to see the pic of Gary Oldman as Sirius (with AR in the background, too?! Wah!!!), and by the time I even knew it had existed, TLC had taken it down...

Does anybody have a copy of this pic they wouldn't mind sending me in e-mail? Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease? </8th> It might not be a particularly good pic, and I don't even have an Oldman Thing, but I still want to know what everybody is talking about!
A Pocket Full of Murder

I've just realized...

...that I've got this scene from the Snapelets fic (no, it still doesn't have a title, and it waffles back and forth between "the Snapelets fic" and "the Margot fic" depending on the state of my mind at any given moment) that a lot of you haven't seen yet. And since I'm not getting a whole lot else written at present, I figured I might as well toss this one out:

  • The Library

    For those who have no idea what all this is about, you can find the previous excerpts from the fic, in no chronological order whatsoever but merely in the order they were written, here:

  • The Discovery

  • The Reunion

  • The Confrontation

    There is also a short Albion-centric story I wrote for lizbee's birthday, but it's kinda spoilerish so I dunno if I want to post the link here. If you are seriously interested in seeing it, though, and don't mind some spoilers for events later in the story, let me know.

    Now I'm off to read some more Checkmate...