July 17th, 2003

A Pocket Full of Murder

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My apologies for another long hiatus between posts, but this last week has been crazy busy around here and it's not going to let up for another week or so at least. We've had, or are having, everything from dinner guests to visiting salesmen to a mouse in the kitchen (as of this morning, however, the latter is an ex-mouse -- we did try the live traps first but alas, they didn't work), I've got a whole whack of graphic design stuff to get done ASAP, and I've been arranging music and practicing my harmonies and piano playing for an open-air concert this Sunday. (Which reminds me -- I'm singing again on Monday night, and I don't even know what I'm singing for that one yet -- ack!)

I took some time off last night to watch Without a Clue, which was cute and occasionally even funny, but nothing special in my view. Michael Caine doesn't really interest me at the best of times, and especially not as Sherlock Holmes (whom he resembles in almost no way whatsoever). Ben Kingsley was a bit more of a draw, but I'd rather watch Twelfth Night again if I want a real Kingsley fix. Or Searching for Bobby Fischer, which is just a terrific movie all around.